Playing Hide’n Seek

harried woman

Yes, this is me today. Did you ever put things away in special places so you could find them, and then lo and behold, they were never seen again. Unless of course you were looking for something else and didn’t need the first one anymore. Had given up on ever finding it? Well, that’s me today. I’m searching images in boxes, on CDs, in my computer for two or three photos, only to find others I might use one day. I stop, save each of those to a special place, knowing full well I may never see them again.

I can hear you all laughing already, shaking your heads because you either never do that or you do it too. I did however find one I looked for a few weeks ago for the blog on snakes. It’s me holding one of the reticulated pythons I wrote about then. I did not find one I was searching for that I swear I had my hands on a few weeks ago. So the search goes on.

Since I’ve vowed to write a blog every Monday from now into perpetuity I put down my search and took up the keyboard to do just that. I promised readers it would tell tales of my adventures working for a rural newspaper. Though that doesn’t sound very exciting, you’ve already learned that it was if you’ve been reading the past few posts.

Besides writing about my misadventures and adventures, I will tell stories about those of others I interviewed over the years. There’s Robert Younkin, the famous aviator, whose nephew Bobby was killed in an air show not many years ago. I spent time with his wife until we watched this airplane land on her front lawn. “There he is now,” she said. I hoped for a ride, but that didn’t happen. I did get a great interview.

Then there’s Al Houser, the first Apache baby born to the Ft. Sill Apaches after they were released from prison to live in Indian Territory. Oklahoma for those of you who might not know that. Al’s brother Al is a famous sculptor. For two hours I sat in the living room of this Apache warrior while he told me tales of his life and about how he flew night raids over Germany during WW II. Think about the irony of that for a moment folks.

As soon as I find my articles on these so I can make sure my memory is correct, I will write the full stories.

I know there are a lot of people who don’t give a crap about history or the people who lived through it. This blog is for those who do.

Because I couldn’t find the following photo when I wrote the story, if you missed it go back and read my blog about snakes. Here’s the picture my husband took of me getting acquainted. Well, he was never much of a photographer.

me and python



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